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A stronger GoodWe at the Intersolar South America Exhibition in Brazil 2019


GoodWe has been for years a leading inverter supplier of the Brazilian market (in reality ranking 5th) and installations with GoodWe inverters can be found across most of the Brazilian states. Since the early beginnings of this market, GoodWe has been an important player of the residential space and it is on that basis, that this year, there has been an expansion in the deployments of GoodWe commercial and industrial inverters in that country. At present there are GoodWe SMT and MT inverters installed in all kind of small business and factories of the country, including textile and food factories. And recently the Brazilian has started to turn its attention for energy storage solutions.


In the whole Latin America market, GoodWe has also achieved comprehensive growth in Mexico, Argentina and Peru and at a global level has been ranked by Wood Mackenzie as the 7th largest inverter supplier.

GoodWe has set up for some time a highly capable team of Brazilian solar professionals in the cities of Recife and Caxias do Sul and the past year has been of intense work for them. Our team has met with customers from all over that vast country and provided regular training and a comprehensive customer support to all our Brazilian partners.


The Brazilian solar market has expanded, accelerated and diversified and GoodWe has adapted to those transformations. Responding to the explosive market growth projections, we have prepared for display at the 2019 edition of the Intersolar South America Exhibition a selection of inverters that include models representative of the best we have to offer on the Residential, Commercial & Industrial and Energy Storage segments. We are also bringing entirely brand new products, such as the MS and the ESA solutions.


We are this week in Brazil to sit down with all our customers, to listen and discuss new ways of partnership and growth. We can´t wait to meet you.


Brief description of inverters on display:


Series XS

The brand new XS model of GoodWe is an ultra-small residential solar inverter specifically designed to bring comfort and quiet operation as well as high efficiency to households. Its capacity ranges from 0.7kW to 3.0kW and its most outstanding characteristic is its light weight of 5.8kg and its extremely small size equivalent to an A4 paper, which make it particularly easy to carry & install.

Series MS (New Residential Product!)

The brand new MS Series is GoodWe’s answer to the residential segment expanding needs. This 7-10kWs Single-Phase, 3 MPPT is a powerful and versatile inverter capable of reaching higher limits than what it is available in the market. This inverter is truly a champion in terms of DC oversizing, offering as much as 92%, way above the competition, making possible as well to achieve 10% overloading, which is a feature very often absent on similar products in the market. This inverter is compatible with bifacial modules and comes with an AFCI integrated protection and its light weight allows for an effortless installation.


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