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Collaboration between GoodWe and Oxford City F.C. in common purpose: To make a greener world


GoodWe has made its first successful attempt to work together with the English football club Oxford City F.C., aiming to deliver a green concept to every individual, household and enterprise in the UK.



GoodWe is a leading, strategically-thinking enterprise that focuses on research and manufacturing of PV inverters and energy storage solutions. The impact of coal-fired power plants has posed a huge threat to our environment and public health. As an advocate for a greener environment, GoodWe undertakes the responsibility to provide a more sustainable future for the generations to come. To meet multiple requirements from the market, GoodWe has lined up three main solar+ energy solutions for on-grid residential, energy storage, and commercial & industrial applications which play an instrumental role in cutting electricity bills and CO2 emissions. The UK is one of the key markets in GoodWe’s global market layout; GoodWe’s UK branch was set up in 2014, providing an integrated service system for pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale, aiming to offer local support to all kinds of customers including project consulting, technical training, on-site support, and after-sales service. 


Formed in 1882, Oxford City Football Club is an FA Charter Standard Community Club which fields more than 40 teams, with sides for men, women, boys, and girls. Oxford City F.C. works closely with the local community and especially with Oxford University, whose football and rugby teams use its facility for training and matches throughout the week for both men's and women's teams. 


Although it has a long and rich history, Oxford City F.C. is an organization full of young blood. More than just playing football, it also dedicates itself to environmental protection, which happens to coincide with GoodWe’s mission; this is why such a collaboration between GoodWe and Oxford City F.C. will succeed.


The feed-in tariff has marked a period in the solar industry rife with extreme highs and lows. As the UK's feed-in tariff scheme draws to a close, where will solar go? "The good news is climate change is now recognized, solar has proved that it works, solar is now the cheapest form of generation along with wind, and storage coming along is the holy grail of solar.", according to industry stalwart Ray Noble. As more and more people respond to the call of the United Nations Environmental Program, they are taking green actions such as upgrading their domestic or commercial buildings with solar systems. Together with Oxford City F.C., GoodWe is going to make its best effort to contribute to the ongoing energy transformation and sustainable future.


Laura Hextall, Commercial Manager at Oxford City Football Club said "We want to thank GoodWe for their support of Oxford City Football Club, and look forward to working together long term. GoodWe’s philosophy of making a greener world has made us look at all aspects of our site and how we can become more sustainable and we hope to help spread this message alongside GoodWe”.


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