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Why GoodWe is the Global Leader in Storage Inverters


Here are 8 reasons why GoodWe is the industry leader in storage inverters.

1. Early entrance into Hybrid Storage Market
GoodWe launched its first hybrid inverter (ES series) in 2013. This means that, while most manufacturers have only recently started producing and optimizing this technology, GoodWe has had almost a decade of experience and research aimed at bringing the best storage inverters to the market. When it comes to success recipes, it’s no secret that practice makes perfect and experience is the best ingredient.
2. Early expansion overseas
GoodWe has produced hybrid inverters for the world’s major storage markets such as Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, UK, South Africa, among others. This diverse exposure to different technology, regulations and business environments means that GoodWe is better equipped to deal with changes in regulatory requirements and new market developments. No other company has this depth and variety of experience.

3. Abundant Product portfolio
Simply put, GoodWe has A LOT of storage products, including single-phase hybrid, three-phase hybrid, AC retrofit, ranging from residential to commercial. While most manufacturers only have 2-3 models at most, GoodWe now has more than 15 storage products, without counting batteries and other accessories. No other company has such a vast storage portfolio. 
4. Excellent Features 
If you thought quantity was GoodWe’s only distinctive feature, think again. Quality is indeed what sets us apart from the rest. The unique features that GoodWe’s storage products offer have been endorsed by major suppliers and distributors in Europe, Asia and Americas. UPS level switch, strong backup ability, high efficiency, rapid installation (plug & play), AFCI & Rapid shutdown are only some of the many features that make GoodWe’s storage products great.
5. Certified Quality
It’s not just us saying it. Just ask TÜV Rheinland and Wood Mackenzie. GoodWe has been awarded the TÜV Rheinland All Quality Matters Award for ET and ES series and consistently ranks at the top of the list in terms of overall product quality. All awarding bodies are independent and their rankings are based on strict scientific criteria.
6. Strong R&D
Up to 450 R&D personnel; approximately half of R&D resources devote their efforts entirely to storage products. This means that no other company devotes more manpower to scientific research in this field. We live in a knowledge economy and the best quality products come from years of expertise in the making.

7. Solution Provider
GoodWe not only offers hybrid inverters but also provide batteries and unique solutions for specific application. Since at least 2018, GoodWe has become the ultimate one-stop-shop for storage solutions. This makes sourcing and purchasing much easier for end-users, installers, distributors and purchase managers. 
8. Superior Service
Last but not least, GoodWe takes great pride in offering customers unparalleled after-sales service and we work relentlessly to deliver the best products, the best solutions and the best technical service. We have over 100 after-sales engineers in more than 16 countries, all of whom have been accredited by relevant bodies and have been selected specifically to deliver great customer service.
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