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The face of an evolving GoodWe at the Australian All-Energy Exhibition


Several GoodWe inverters from both the on-grid residential and energy storage products, both hybrid and retrofit, have been known in the Australian market for years and it’s thanks to the preference of many customers that our company has risen to become one of the leading PV solar inverter suppliers according to the latest statistics. This has been a year in which the productivity of our R&D team has exploded allowing us to launch many new inverters and solution systems to the market. We brought a little bit of this to this edition of the All-Energy Exhibition and the response for the attendants was highly favorable, accounting for the majority of the people that visited our booth and most of the inquiries we answered.


As part of what we introduced this week to the Australian market we presented our new MS-Series residential inverter (7-10kW), which is quite unique in the global market due to the fact that despite being single-phase, it boast 3 MPPTs. This characteristic, combined with the 92% DC-oversizing makes of this inverter a powerful option highly appealing to Australian home-owners, who are always on the look for more power packed on increasingly compact products.

Over the years GoodWe has developed a fairly good grasp of what the Australian consumers and installers want and attending to the Aussie market trends, this year we formally introduced to the market our new EH-Series inverter, which is an on-grid residential inverter that boast a "Battery Ready” function. This inverter was designed for those users that when acquiring their on-grid solar systems still feel hesitant of installing a full energy storage solution, allowing for that possibility when once they decide to increase their self-consumption. This new inverter attracted many visitors to our booth.

The Australian market is characterized by its powerful residential sector and keeping in mind this we brought to All-Energy our new HomeKit Solution for 24 hours monitoring of energy consumption at home. This new solution was conceived as a tool for helping home owners to get a better understanding of their energy consumption patterns and the energy source from which that energy was generated, recording all the gathered data in the cloud using Wi-Fi or LAN. This solution has the additional benefit of being compatible with any brand of solar inverter. 


The GoodWe Australia team has been expanding and now, in addition of having a Country Manager that oversees our strategic development in the market, we have a service network that presently covers Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. This team has developed over time a very intimate relationship with the market and during the Exhibition was able to learn from new customers in which direction the Australian solar market is moving and discuss new areas for cooperation.

The GoodWe booth at All-Energy was honored with the visit of long term partners and many new friends. From the bottom of our heart we thank you for the honor of visiting us and hope to see you next year.

For more details of our exhibition and product series, please visit our brand new Australia website.


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