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Remarkable participation of GoodWe at the Solar Ukraine 2019 exhibition

With a flurry of news about new projects and a pressing need for diversifying the energy industry, Ukraine has become one of the brightest PV markets in Europe in a very short period of time. The nation’s recent decision replace its feed-in tariff regime for large-scale renewables with an auction mechanism aimed at driving down costs simply confirms the strong commitment of Ukraine to solar in the long term and brings certainty to market players.

It is against this backdrop that GoodWe participated as an exhibitor at the SOLAR UKRAINE 2019 which was held from the 9th-12th of April at the Kyiv Expo Plaza Exhibition Center. During this exhibition GoodWe showcased inverters of the DNS, SMT, MT, EM, and ET series, catering for the demands of the residential, C&I and energy storage sectors in Ukraine, all of which have experienced strong demand since the country expressed its long-term strategic decision to go solar.

The DNS is a single phase, 2 MPPT, 3-6kWs residential inverter that, on account of its compact design and unique combination of technical advantages, has achieved great success across different markets.

The SMT is the perfect rooftop inverter for mid-size C&I installations; this is a three-MPPT, three phase 25 to 36kWs inverter that, due to its wide MPPT range and output voltage of 180V, offers a stronger return on investment. It achieves 98.8% efficiency and weighs only 40kg.

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The MT is truly a GoodWe star product and the success that this C&I inverter achieved over the past year is absolutely remarkable. This is a 4-MPPT, three-phase inverter available on 50 to 80kWs which, in addition to its high efficiency of 99.7% and MPPT range from 200 to 1000V that ensure a very early generation, has a long list of strengths, such as monitoring at string level, smart fan cooling, wide interface options, data logger compatibility, PLC communication and a vast set of safety protections.

GoodWe also presented two of its most successful hybrid inverters at this exhibition: the EM (single-phase, compatible with low voltage batteries) and the ET (three-phase, compatible with high-voltage batteries). These models are highly respected in the industry (winning the TUV "All Quality Matters Award”) due to their long durability in countries such as South Africa, where many of these models are installed. Feedback has remained very positive in all respects over the years, particularly in relation to strong functionality and comprehensive high value.

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The GoodWe products on display attracted many inquiries from local customers who were able to appreciate the high value that GoodWe technology offers. The majority of visitors who approached GoodWe's booth commented on the massive potential of inverters such as the SMT and MT for large C&I projects, comments justified by the fact that these models are starting to become very common in Ukraine. Customers also saw the ET inverter as a very good fit for isolated areas of Ukraine where the power supply may be less stable or simply where users want to manage their electricity consumption in a better way.

Ultimately, the relationship between GoodWe and Ukraine is deepening more and more, and the company will keep working hard to remain close to the local market, which can now be better served by GoodWe's GMBH team, based in Germany.


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