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GoodWe Korea Co., Ltd Debut at theGreen Energy Expo

Getting to know GoodWe Korea was a pleasant surprise for our local customers at the show. Going forward, our Korean partners can put at rest their previous concerns about the fact that GoodWe was far away from them. Now GoodWe has a fundamental presence in Korea that will be always close to our customers, providing all the comfort and support needed to build trust and assume responsibility for the quality of our products.


This was in itself very good news for our customers but the real interest of the exhibition was in the products that the company presented, including the latest series of GoodWe inverters, such as the three-phase, four-MPPT string inverter of MT series and the innovative GoodWe ET series, the three-phase hybrid inverter which was recently awarded with TÜV Rheinland recognition.

Korea Expo Article 1.jpg


The MT series inverter adopts leading topology and an innovative control technology that enhances the maximum efficiency up to 99% and the Europe efficiency to 98.5%. The 80KW MT models feature 50% DC oversizing and support 10% AC overloading, increasing power generation by up to 10% and helping the user achieve higher returns.The start-up voltage of these two models is only 200V, and the working voltage of the MPPT ranges from 200-1000V. All these features ensure that from dawn to dusk, the longest operating hours ensure a higher utilization of solar power.


Given the fact that the bi-facial module technology has become a popular way to effectively improve the overall conversion efficiency, an increasing number of photovoltaic systems have been adopting this technology. The GW80KBF-MT allows a maximum string input current of 13A, and so is able to adapt to large DC input generated by bi-facial and double-glass modules, thus significantly increasing power generation. Most importantly, the DC bus capacitors assembled inside the equipment are all film capacitors that last three times longer than electrolytic capacitors. The output filter capacitors are able to meet more demanding standards for operation under conditions above 85℃ and humidity as high as 85%. Also worth mentioning is that this new system supports PLC communication so customers save money on cables and construction, bringing low LCOE.


Korea Expo Article 2.jpg

Following the continued successes in Europe, the Middle East, LATAM, India, China and Australia, GoodWe will be promoting its big capacity string inverters for large commercial projects covering ground, floating and roof-top systems. These systems are technically specialized for bifacial modules and the high efficiency PERC module, which are increasingly popular in Korea.

Moreover, GoodWe ET is the world's most compact and lightweight three-phase hybrid inverter though there is no compromise on features, such as a maximum efficiency of 98.3%, the unique Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Function, backup overloading up to 100%, AC charging functions and an open-protocol EMS communication system. This product won GoodWe TÜV Rheinland's 2019 "All Quality Matters" Award in recognition of the outstanding quality. This is the fourth consecutive year that GoodWe has received this prestigious award, providing solid evidence that quality has consistently been a key element in Goodwe’s mission over the years.


As part of this event,GoodWe Korea and Trina solar jointly conducted a technical seminar in which it was discussed the application of innovative solutionsin order to achieve a higher degree of power generation and higher solar plants yields.This seminar achieved great success, attracting many visitors.


After this successful debut, GoodWe Korea is truly part of the South Korean PV industry and it is ready to fly with the country to higher heights of service, quality and excellence.


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