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Official launch of HT Series - 1500V 250kW PV String Inverter


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On Friday 6 November the Indian solar industry witnessed GoodWe’s nationwide launch of our much anticipated HT Series. Building on our strong reputation in C&I we are excited to add to our Utility portfolio with our new HT Series. The event, held at the Pullman resort in New Delhi, was attended by prominent figures of the Indian solar industry and paves the way for GoodWe’s new role in the Indian solar industry.



Product unveiling ceremony followed by detailed product presentation by Mr. Vivek Bhardwaj, Head of Sales – India, and a panel discussion featuring Mr. YBK Reddy (SECI), Mr. Bimal Jindal (SB Energy), Mr. Priyatosh Pathak (O2 Power), Mr. Gaurav Wadhwa (Renew Power), Mr. Syed Naqvi (ACME) and Mr. Sudhir Pathak (Hero Future Energies), and moderated by Mr. Vinay Rustagi (MD – Bridge to India)  


The product launch event kicked off with a debate that touched on various topics including the long-standing Central vs String inverter comparison and the challenges and opportunities presented by the "600+ wafer era”.



Mr. Vivek vows that HT Series 1500V 250kW PV inverter will be the safest and most intelligent inverter of the time with added safety features, 12 MPPT design, compatibility with latest technology and high power PV Modules with DC input current of 15A, and owned advanced monitoring system for 24Hrs remote monitoring and O&M functionality. 


String Inverters VS Central Inverters


Mr. Gaurav Wadhwa stressed that string inverters are the better choice and present advantages related to BoS costs. Adding to the point, Mr. Sudhir Pathak mentioned how less space is now being used with increased block sizes in the latest PV project designs. Pathak also added that this the logical pathway for string inverters to follow; to be more compact and more intelligent than ever for utility projects.




The Era of High-Power PV Modules


In terms of technological trends, the "Big” Era is now here with PV modules’ power moving from 500W to 600W+. At the HT product launch in New Delhi, Mr. Syed Naqvi agreed that increasing wafer sizes and number of wafers in PV modules represents a challenge for inverter manufacturers and increasing the current rating of PV module also requires inverter technology to go up one gear. 


In this aspect GoodWe also seems to have anticipated this trend, as reflected in its new product offering. The 1500V 250kW is said to be highly compatible with the latest high-power PV modules and bi-facial modules, allowing DC input currents of 15A.


Higher Yields and Cost Saving


The new HT series features 12 MPPTs and 24 string inputs to match complex terrain applications and supports 50%+ DC oversizing to maximize power generation. It supports DC Y type connection and 300mm² AL cable on AC side to achieve cost saving on cables. Configuration can be easily done via Bluetooth, and diagnosis and firmware upgrading can be operated remotely, which reduces installation and labour costs. 

Smart O&M


Operation and maintenance is always a hot topic in PV plants management. GoodWe has developed the 2nd generation of Power Line Communication for utility products, which supports RS485 cable free and achieves 20 times the data transmission speed of RS485, making it highly reliable while capable of connecting up to 60 inverters. The product is capable of 24 hour-monitoring, especially SVG function at night providing reactive power (up to 50% of inverter rated power). In addition, the product supports intelligent string monitoring through IV curve scanning that accurately locates any abnormal strings. This outstanding set of features improves operation and maintenance efficiency and reduces O&M costs.

Enhanced Safety Protections


The HT Series comes with a broad range of general safety features, as well as more advanced safety features such as AC connector temperature detection, Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter, internal temperature and humidity monitoring.  It also supports Emergency Power Off which can switch the inverters within 0.2sec through remote one-button operation.



GoodWe received congratulatory wishes from industry leaders at the event in New Delhi and we are excited to play an increasingly important role in the Indian solar industry.



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