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GoodWe Introduces New MT Series with Greater Output Power for Large Distribution Projects


Product Outline

GoodWe has launched its brand new second generation of MT Series string inverters, GW50K-MT and GW60K-MT, for large scale commercial rooftops and ground-mounted solar PV systems. Apart from offering a more compact design and competitive price, the new MT Series provide a continuous power boost function to achieve a higher yield and quicker return on investment.



Conventional inverters are usually able to temporary boost the AC output power but cannot offer a continuous and cost-effective solution to maximize the output from high-voltage solar modules. Therefore, a larger number of inverters is required to achieve a higher ouput, leading to a significant increase in capital expenditures and operating costs.



The new GoodWe MT Series provides a continuous maximum AC output power overload of up to 15% which allows to significantly reduce the total number of inverters to be installed, while minimizing labor and installation costs. It also features a more compact design with less than 20% volume and lighter weight compared to other conventional models, which greatly simplifies installation and commissioning. With capacities of 50 kW and 60 kW, the new transformerless, three-phaseGoodWe MT series grid-tied inverters are equippedwith four MPPTs ensuring that the outputs of connected modules are able to generate the highest yields even in different PV installation conditions. In addition, it also allows a wireless communication network for monitoring and control of the entire system through smartphone, tablet or laptop.



Large scale commercial rooftops and ground-mounted solar PV systems



Two different MT Series string inverters, GW50K-MT and GW60K-MT, are available to adapt to customers' requirements in terms of output power.



Currently available


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