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GoodWe makes history at InterSolar India 2019


The Indian solar demand has continued to evolve and the portfolio of GoodWe products has adapted accordingly. This year we presented at Intersolar some of our most successful products as well as a selection of the new solutions that we have been developing for the residential, C&I and energy storage segments.



India’s energy demand has continued to grow at a very fast pace. This year India will be one of the countries with more new solar installed capacity added to the power plants fleet and there’s practically no day in which a new large solar project is not announced. The GoodWe C & I and utility grade inverters SMT and MT have achieved enormous success in the Indian market and we didn’t miss this opportunity to bring again these inverters to Intersolar, attracting a large number of potential buyers from different regional markets.


The SMT Series string inverters (25-36kw) and the MT Series (50-80kW) have just the perfect conditions to be deployed on medium and large scale commercial rooftops and ground-mounted solar PV systems, having as well all the technical features to help developers reduce LCOE costs and a achieve a faster ROI. These inverter models have repeatedly been selected for several large-scale C&I projects of 5MW to 20MW size by some of the most reputed international EPCs/Developers, such as TATA Power, Bosch, and Sterling & Wilson. We take pride in this collaboration, which has been behind the rise of GoodWe as one of the most trusted solar inverter brands in India.



GoodWe is not only a leader manufacturer of solar inverters but a developer of comprehensive solutions for large scale solar deployments. Two examples of these technologies are the SEC1000 and SCB2000 that were also presented at Intersolar India and that also attracted a great deal of interest. The SEC1000 is a smart energy controller capable of achieving real-time data collection and the SCB2000 is a Solar Communication Box developed to execute power carrier communication functions.


These two GoodWe accessories are the basis for several new inverter solutions that we introduced at Intersolar:


Remote Shutdown Solution

The remote shutdown function is a critical protection primarily aimed at ensuring the integrity of the PV system under situations of extreme emergency, such as fire hazards. In Commercial & Industrial PV systems, it helps operators to enhance and consolidate the system control and maintain the comprehensive safety under challenging environments and conditions.


Solar + Diesel Generator Solution

In the occurrence of grid failure, a diesel generator can be utilized as an alternative source of energy, supplying the power missing from the public grid and allowing the grid-connected PV systems to keep powering the loads of the system. The addition of a diesel generator brings the extra benefit of maximizing the use of the solar energy, helping as well to effectively reduce the electricity costs. This is an optimal solution for environments characterized by an unreliable grid operation.



Multi-scenario Monitoring Solution

There are many ways of monitoring a PV system and displaying the data generated. This kind of information helps users to gain a better understanding of the operation of their solar plants. The compatibility of the GoodWe inverters with multiple standard protocols such as SUNSPEC, IEC 104 and Modbus RTU and their adaptability to third-party monitoring and control platform such as SCADA, are one of the many reasons that make them a perfect fit for a great number of C&I scenarios.


Optical Fiber Ring Solution

Maintaining a stable data transfer across long distances ranks high among the priorities. GoodWe has come up with a solution based on the integration of an optical fiber ring, in which the data transfer process and its speed remains undisrupted and reliable even when a communication node is broken. All these benefits make this an optimal solution for C&I scenarios.



GoodWe has set up in India a large commercial office and a Service Center in which a team of engineers provides customized service. GoodWe’s qualified service network team is available at any time to provide technical support whenever and wherever required, helping the company to have a contribution for the transition of India to a brighter and sunnier future.


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