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Monitoring System: The Solar Hero Behind the Scene

There is one “invisible” part of a solar system that easily is ignored by homeowners - the solar monitoring system. In this case, GoodWe named our system “SEMS”, which is simply short for Smart Energy Monitoring System, because everyone knows that abbreviation makes boring stuff chic..

Unlike many other chic products, SEMS is free. It is an App that makes your solar system performance visible on your phone. (And we also provide a website for PC). But what could you get from this App, and how does it support the GoodWe EcoSmart Home?


Smart Monitoring

SEMS provides seven significant numbers in detailed charts for homeowners to understand the solar system’s working status. As shown in the picture below, the seven numbers are PV generation, battery SOC (state of charge), battery discharge power, EV charging power (with GoodWe EV charger), load consumption, grid consumption, and energy sold to the grid.

For those who get sick of the complicated chart with colorful lines, SEMS also provides summarized energy statistics for PV production and energy consumption, ensuring you get the big picture at first glance.

Meanwhile, the integrated troubleshooting function will detect any faults with the inverter, and GoodWe Technical Support will be in touch within a few hours after receiving the request tickets.


(A screenshot from the SEMS Demo version)


Smart Control

For homeowners struggling with TOU (time of use) electricity rate, a battery with a timed charge and discharge function will effectively ease your mind. And SEMS can offer that. Make sure to fully use the battery during peak hours to avoid unnecessary costs.

Besides, SEMS also offers three different battery usage modes to better adapt to each family’s energy pattern. From the three modes, you get to define the use priority of multiple energy sources to fulfill your need: maximized economic effect, energy autonomy, or a compromised balance between the above two.


Smart Integration

A common question we receive these days is, “Could I join the VPP project with GoodWe’s products?” The answer is yes.

For those who are not familiar with this chic abbreviation, VPP (virtual power plant) is a cloud-based distributed power plant that aggregates the capacities of distributed energy resources (DER). Simply put, it used many homeowners’ solar and battery to form a big virtual plant. Homeowners usually sign up for VPP projects to participate in energy trading in the electricity market to gain profit. Anyway, SEMS allows VPP operators to get access to system data through the API interface. If you are still confused yet interested, kindly contact your local VPP operators, and their technical support shall get you through this.

Besides the VPP interface, SEMS supports diverse energy strategies such as solar plus heat pump or solar plus diesel genset. In many areas that face energy cost dilemmas, SEMS offers various energy control to help homeowners achieve optimized economic outcomes from their solar systems.


The new version of SEMS will be launched in 2023, which will bring you upgraded designs in terms of UI and monitoring functions. With SEMS, GoodWe EcoSmart Home can provide an optimized user experience by diving into the smart energy network. We look forward to involving more smart home appliances in the future and offering the machine learning service to homeowners’ energy profiles for whole-home smart energy control.

Scan and download SEMS from:



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