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GoodWe has refreshed its brand in line with the evolution of the global new energy space, emphasizing on collaboration and digitalization and to celebrate we are launching a special Wetogether Contest. The brand sees smart tech as a critical tool in the transformation of the global energy space, and has committed itself to developing smarter and more efficient energy solutions that help meet the energy needs of the future so as to realize the shared global net-zero goals.


By re-branding, GoodWe has sent a clear message to the community that we trust in the power of WE; we are keen to contribute to a Win-Win game while pursuing the value of Win together. GoodWe insists winning together with partners all round the world, to promote a flourishing renewable energy industry and create a sustainable future for the Earth, humanity, and future generations.


In order to spread the message of the new logo with the “W” gesture, GoodWe would like to invite you to share your success by posting your “W” selfie.


Three easy steps to participate in “WeTogether Contest”!


ü  Step 1. Follow GoodWe on social media(Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter);

ü  Step 2. Upload your selfie with the “W” gesture and using a GoodWe product as the photo background if applicable;

ü  Step 3. Remember to hashtag #GoodWe and #WeTogether at the same time and post


Furthermore, it would be wonderful if you could also share the reasons you choose GoodWe and your thoughts regarding to our new brand image. Take the Contest and win the $100 Amazon card now!


4 key points to bear in mind!


This Contest is a lucky draw in which GoodWe will randomly pick the winners from all valid posts.


The “WeTogether Contest” will be valid until March 31st. Posts released after this date will not be included into the drawing pool.


The winner list will be published before April 8th , while each winner will be rewarded with one US$100 Amazon Gift Card (one card per winner).


GoodWe will contact the winners via the social media platform where the selfie were posted in order to deliver the award. Winners who do not respond the message within 5 working days will be considered as renouncing the reward.


Disclaimer: By sharing pictures or any other material with GoodWe and participating in this Contest, you authorize GoodWe to use them for marketing purposes, including posting pictures on its corporate website or any other marketing platform. The participant does not make any claim of ownership or copyright over shared pictures and holds GoodWe harmless from any such claims from third parties. GoodWe reserves the exclusive right to final judgment and interpretation of the content herein.


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