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GoodWe presents its A4 paper sized mini inverter -- XS series

Since its inception, GoodWe has been a very strong designer of high quality residential solar inverters and the company is never tired of improving, of trying to conceive better products for the comfort of its customers. Technologically speaking, one of GoodWe’s main principles is its non-conformant attitude when it comes to better value and that it is exactly what the GoodWe’s new residential inverter XS is all about: more technological power in a smaller size.


The XS is an ultra-small single-MPPT, single-phase residential inverter that is even lighter and more compact than GoodWe’s NS inverter, saving installation space and easing the whole commissioning process. GoodWe has unbelievably miniaturized the XS inverter to have the size of an A4 paper, illustrating again the company´s leading cutting-edge technology. The XS weighs only 5.2kgs, making it also one of the most compact residential inverters available in the market.

Cannot emphasize enough the significant logistical advantages and the lower associated costs, which light weight and compact size of the XS represents more inverters can be loaded into pallets, reducing the cost of shipping it to destination from origin, at both international and domestic shipping levels. For installers, this is a blessing as with the XS they can significantly increase efficiency and profitability. And for users, handling the XS is something as simple as just putting it on a suitcase and taking it home.

It is available in 0.7kW, 1kW, 1.5kW and 2kWs. This represents also a wider range of options than GoodWe’s NS inverter, whose lower power range was of only 1kW. The XS broader scope of options and the fact that its lower power is as low as 0.7kW, makes this inverter a very suitable option for mini residential systems in which only two or three solar panels are installed, especially large social housing projects. The user of this kind of PV system won’t need to consider anymore installing two expensive micro-inverters because now the XS can do a better job at a lower cost.

Something noteworthy on the XS is that its small size is not a contradiction and does not compromise its technological muscles. The XS is mini but it still offers 30% of DC input oversizing, significantly enhancing the potential of the installations in which it is used. Likewise, by making use of sophisticated and patented topology developed by GoodWe, the XS does not jeopardize efficiency, delivering as much as 97.5% of European efficiency.

Its super low start-up voltage of 50V represents also an improvement over GoodWe’s NS inverter, permitting in this way longer electricity generation hours, something that definitely is another clear advantage over other alternative inverters in this segment.

As opposed to other inverters with single communications options, the communications of the XS are diversified, offering LAN and Wifi, which is perfect to meet the special requirements of different kind of users. For those groups such as old age groups or dwellers of social housing projects that may be inconvenienced by the setting up of Wifi or Wifi’s reconnection issues, the XS LAN communication system is perfect. Alternatively, WiFi connections are also available.

To conclude this list of attributes, design wise, the XS is a very stylized inverter, conceived to maintain the aesthetical harmony ofthe whole setting where it is installed. It´s is quite certain that many users will recognize it as a pretty cool solar appliance.


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