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Evervolt launches an exceptional Sales Scheme, exclusively for GoodWe customers in India

India is a thriving Solar energy market making it the most lucrative opportunity for business not only in the country but globally. Inclusive policy decisions, the opportune economic condition and global investments pushed clean energy transition to new heights. Many companies are striving to tap into the advantages of this profitable market to meet their ambitious targets.

Evervolt Green Energy is a fast growing distributor of leading solar products offering high quality products to its customers pan India. With warehouses in 4 states and dealers in 5 states across India, they ensure quicker delivery providing ready availability of products. Evervolt has done plethora of promotional activities in the past for the range of Solar products but this time an exceptionally unique and never done before has been announced by the company is association with GoodWe.


As dynamic the name sounds, the ‘Super Solar Dhamaka’ sales scheme is already gaining a lot of traction in the solar market. Curated exclusively for GoodWe customers, the Winning Prize categories is stellar. For the First time in Indian Solar Industry, the participants stand a chance to Win a Brand New Crossover SUV – Kia Seltos as the First Prize. Other glorious Prizes include:

The very elegant and futuristic Kia Sonet as the 2nd Prize

The agile & loaded BMW G 310 R as the 3rd Prize

iPhone 14 Pro as 4th Prizes for 5 lucky winners

Assured Prizes for all participants*- Macbook Air 13”

*Participants who comply to Minimum Eligibility Criteria


The scheme begins in September 2022 and will be active till March 2023. A robust tracking system will be used to evaluate the results and Winners will be Announced in April 2023.


‘Super Solar Dhamaka’ is valid for limited models of Residential & Small commercial GoodWe Solar Inverters (GoodWe XS – 1 to 3.3kW, DNS – 4.2 to 6kW, SDT – 4kW to 25kW, SMT – 30 to 36kW). GoodWe is the ideal choice when it comes to residential solutions featuring superior safety and easy installation. Enjoy unparalleled experience of green energy, optimal solar energy usage & reduced electricity bills.


The extremely compact XS model from GoodWe is an ultra-small residential solar inverter specifically designed to bring comfort, quiet operation as well as high efficiency to households.


GoodWe DNS series is a perfect match for residential installations because of its compact size and light weight. With a low start-up voltage of only 80V and the widest MPPT voltage range of 80-550 V, these inverters can provide greater options for your household system.


The GoodWe SDT Series is one of the best options available on the residential & commercial segments. Its high efficiency (98.3%) and its enhanced oversizing & overloading capabilities represent an outstanding improvement in the industry.


Evervolt & GoodWe both align to the vision of providing integrated solutions for the future of smart energy and building communities in sustainable energy. This ambitious and game changing scheme will not only foster healthy competition, increase solar awareness but also make a bigger impact by accelerating the Solar Industry. Such compelling Prizes are going to drive the market for a head-to-head competition.


Mark Gorman said - “Not all dreamers are winners, but all winners are dreamers.” So, it’s time to Dream Big, elevate and challenge yourself as the stakes are high. All the Glitz & Blitz awaits you!


About GoodWe

GoodWe is a world-leading PV inverter and energy storage solutions manufacturer and is listed as a public limited company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688390). With an accumulative delivery of more than two million inverters and installation of 35 GW in more than 100 countries and regions, GoodWe solar inverters have been used in residential and commercial rooftops, industrial and utility scale systems and range from 0.7kW to 250kW. GoodWe has more than 4,000 employees situated in over 20 different countries and is regarded as the Global Top 3 storage inverter supplier by Wood Mackenzie in 2021. For more information, please visit


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AP/Goa/Karnataka/Telangana: +91 866 080 1821 

Gujarat: +91 636 280 0422, +91 900 829 3939

Kerala/Tamil Nadu: +91 636 6280 0426

Maharashtra: +91 636 280 00410

North India: + 91 767 621 5912

Rest of India: + 91 900 829 3939


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