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Introducing GoodWe Lynx Home Battery Series

Ranked as World’s No. 1 Hybrid Inverter Supplier by Wood Mackenzie, GoodWe is a leading, strategically thinking enterprise focused on research and manufacturing of PV inverters and energy storage solutions. Following months of industry rumors and speculation, the Chinese conglomerate GoodWe (stock code: 688390) has officially confirmed it will be providing both high-voltage and low-voltage lithium batteries to the world. The items add to the growing list of PV accessories offered by the tech giant following its IPO in 2020.

As an undisputed leader in the residential storage segment, GoodWe continues leading the storage revolution and launches the new Lynx Home series batteries to improve SEMS energy applications. Lynx Home Sky (high-voltage battery) and Lynx Home Box (low-voltage battery) can connect directly to hybrid inverters or connect to on-grid inverters by installing an AC retrofit inverter. Lynx Home series are residential batteries, which are aimed to:

Enhance self-consumption

Benefit from peak shaving

Provide backup for critical loads


Lynx Home Series strengths:

1.Expandable Modular Design – Easy and quick O&M + Flexible options for customers

Lynx Home Sky and Lynx Home Box both come with expandable modular design, which allows easy and quick O&M as well as a flexible installation. Thanks to the expandable modular design, the amount of modules connected in series are optional. Lynx Home Sky can connect up to 8 modules with 20.48 kWh maximum capacity, while Lynx Home Box can parallel up to 6 modules for a full capacity of 32.4 kWh.

2.Li-Ion (LiFePO4) – Safest battery cell technology

Lynx Home Sky and Lynx Home Box are made from lithium iron phosphate, the safest battery cell technology, not only provide customers with safety and reliability, but also are characterized with a high charging rate, superb performance and long lifespan.

3.High Protection Degree – Flexible installation

Lynx Home Sky is up to Type 4X protection degree, which allows it to be wall-mounted or ground-mounted, indoors or outdoors.

4.Battery Management System (BMS) – Easy Local Monitoring

Lynx Home Sky is equipped with a screen displaying battery status and error logs, etc., making local monitoring easy.

The recent entry into the battery segment, now makes GoodWe a feared competitor in the solar storage industry, as well as bigger energy projects and beyond with its arsenal of products that now rivals the industry’s biggest names. With this new business division, GoodWe will be able to offer a one-stop energy storage system solution for its customers worldwide, cementing its No.1 position in storage market.


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