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GoodWe launched its first Solar Roadshow 2021 in Europe

Click on the banner to watch a video of the event* 
From 13 to 16 July 2021, the GOODWE SOLAR ROADSHOW 2021 event took place in Poland, a country that has recently been recognised as one of the fastest growing PV markets in Europe. During 4 days, more than 100 installers from all over the country visited the GoodWe Show Truck equipped with the most popular series of on-grid and hybrid inverters in Gliwice, Cracow, Lodz and Warsaw. It was the first Solar Roadshow organized in Poland, filled with solar energy, delicious refreshments and active engagement of all participants.
GOODWE SOLAR ROADSHOW 2021, organized by GoodWe and its partners in Poland, was aimed at giving new and existing GoodWe installers the opportunity to finally meet offline with local representatives from GoodWe's sales, marketing and service team, as well as to learn more about the brand's product portfolio.
During the roadshow, participants discussed the latest trends in the PV industry, shared their own experiences, asked questions, received answers from GoodWe experts and, most importantly, were able to take part in a unique portfolio demonstration using the GoodWe Truck, equipped with the most popular residential, commercial and energy storage solutions on the Polish market.
 Off-the-shelf product availability, local service and technical support, high performance and easy installation were mentioned as most important reasons for choosing GoodWe products.
Particular attention was given to the SDT G2 Series: three-phase inverters with a range of 4-25kW, which, thanks to its excellent technical parameters, high maximum efficiency (up to 98.4%), and excellent value for money, dominates in Poland and is one of the best options currently available on the market.
The single-phase inverter XS series, whose power output ranges from 0.7 kW to 3.0 kW, also stood out for its ultra-light weight of just 5.8 kg and its extremely compact dimensions, equivalent to an A4 sheet of paper, which makes it particularly easy to carry and install. Despite the fact that there are still very few single-phase installations in Poland, the XS series is the leader when it comes to GoodWe single-phase solutions.
In the field of residential energy storage solutions, where GoodWe has been recognized as Global No. 1 Hybrid Inverter Supplier by Wood Mackenzie and has the widest portfolio range, the ET series attracted the most interest: the three-phase hybrid inverters won hearts with their outstanding technical features, high maximum efficiency (up to 98.2%), integrated back-up function and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) - switching to UPS in less than 10 ms. 
 Thanks to these outstanding features, during the SPI 2021 test conducted at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) in Berlin, the ET and EH series achieved a System Performance Index (SPI) of 93.4% and 91.2%, respectively, and ranked as 2nd and 5th among the 20 energy storage systems, allowing GoodWe to be recognized as the most efficient SPI 2021 Asian inverter manufacturer.
In addition to the sunny weather, outdoor BBQ’s, GoodWe Truck and a casual networking sessions with GoodWe representatives, all the attendees also had the unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive dose of technical knowledge. During the Roadshow, experts from the GoodWe technical team conducted a special edition of the GoodWe PLUS+ installer training, which gave participants the opportunity to join the ranks of GoodWe PLUS+ installers with a number of additional benefits.

"In Poland, you can already see how the PV market is evolving. The power of modules is increasing, the requirements for inverter manufacturers are changing, and end users expect not only competitive prices, but also professional advice and support at every stage of the investment. GoodWe products not only meet these growing demands. We are meeting the expectations of installers and have a training program available for everyone involved in the installation of PV systems. The training covers practical aspects related to the installation and commissioning process as well as information on market trends and product ranges," adds Daniel Moczulski, CEE Territory Manager at GoodWe Europe GmbH. 
For more information on the GoodWe PLUS+ programme, click here.


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