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How will solar power drive the future energy - A quick review for GoodWeek 2022

On the path to zero-carbon, renewable energy will become the dominant energy source has become a consensus. In the coming years, the PV industry is going into a new milestone in the energy transition and innovation will lead towards a low-carbon future. 


Last week, more than 9,000 live attendees has joined GoodWeek 2022, with over 20,000 views from 60 countries/regions. GoodWe, together with 21 strategic partners across five continents, shared deep insight into the global PV industry, indicating the innovative future of Solar Power. This annual feast has drawn more and more attention from the globe.

The week started with China session, GoodWe has invited EnergyTrend to disclose how flourishing Chinese PV market will be.

China's solar power industry continues to advance rapidly and is expected to add 75 GW of solar power in 2022. Propelled by supportive government policies, the country strives to pursue its carbon emissions reduction goals by increasing renewable energy. The future looks bright and PV may become China's power leap in its push for green energy.


GoodWe has invited IHS Markit in APAC session to present their perdition on PV market in Asia-Pacific region. Aligning with global climate goals, $12.8 trillion global investment into sustainable energy, such as renewable power, storage, and green hydrogen. In the coming year, the Asia-Pacific utility market is expected to make progressive growth. Despite increases in LCOE, renewable energy has gained competitiveness. The new updated GoodWe HT Series 250KN is suitable for solar utilities and high-power modules to achieve cheaper LCOE.


This year’s EMEA session scaled the new height with more than 800 registrations, Solar Power Europe predicts that the German market accounts for around 70% of the total installed capacity in the European residential storage. With a promising trend of household solar, European solar & storage is set to grow over 400%, from 3GWh installed storage capacity in 2020 to 12.8GWh by 2025. 

Energy storage provides flexibility to satisfy the growing energy needs. PV integrates effectively with the building structure, which provides a clean and elegant way to generate electricity. When PV is combined with battery storage, EV charger, and heat pumps, even more, financial and environmental benefits can be unlocked. 


The North America session has invited global research and consultancy business Wood Mackenzie. According to their new research, annual global storage deployments will nearly triple year-on-year, reaching 12 GW/28 GWh in 2021. Between 2019 and 2023, the US will contribute around 95% of the North American storage market. 

ESS has played a pivotal role in enabling power grids to function with more flexibility and resilience. To fulfill this market demand, GoodWe newly upgraded storage solution with 150% solar PV oversizing to deliver reliable power supplies for your home's backup power and self-consumption needs.


The informative week came to a successful end with Brazil session, Greener says that PV technology has become increasingly popular in Brazil, reaching all classes of consumption. The bifacial modules have emerged as the standard technology for utility-scale projects in this country. Meanwhile, power auctions and an uptick in PPAs bring more a positive outlook on renewables sector growth. 


2022 is set to be a strong year for industry growth. It heralds a period of expansion and development for the PV industry. The addition of renewable energy into the present power mix will increase the need for innovative energy storage solutions, energy transition is accelerating faster than ever. GoodWe will continue to work closely with all sectors of the PV industry and lead a surge in the energy transition.


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