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Always with Mexico: GoodWe at the Green Expo Exhibition

GoodWe has been a constant and loyal supplier of the Mexican market. Over the years, our company has supplied residential inverters such as the models NS and DNS that have gained the trust and the recognition of customers. These and other GoodWe inverters have always been in high demand and are now popular across household rooftops and small businesses of practically all of Mexico. But the demand of the Mexican solar market is changing and GoodWe is presenting this year at the Green Expo much more than our best sales products.


In addition to the quite well known DNS Series inverter for the residential sector, we will formally present at the Green Expo our XS-Series new inverter, which is a very small and light residential inverter (as small as an A4 paper and as light as 5.8kgs). This inverter was conceived to save logistical costs and to make the life of installers easier. We will also bring the inverters SMT and MT that are highly representative of the GoodWe portfolio of the Commercial and Industrial family of products. The contribution of these two inverters to the GoodWe global expansion and its ascendance to the 7th world ranking (Wood Mackenzie) has been significant.


The MT-Series inverter (50-80kWs, Three-Phase & 4MPPT inverter) has truly been a global success and our team will be introducing all its technical advantages, including all the features that make it one of the most productive in the commercial space and entirely scalable thanks to its PLC and string level monitoring. The solar distributed generation of Mexico has transitioned towards this segment and GoodWe is confident that this inverter, including its low voltage version especially designed for the Latin American market, will be a great fit to the increasing number of industrial projects of Mexico.


GoodWe is a global company and we have developed products for different regions. In Europe, South Africa and Australia, for example, we are leading suppliers of energy storage solutions. Our portfolio of this kind of inverters is very comprehensive and our team is prepared to introduce these technologies to our Mexican customers, now that the market is giving signs of slowly getting ready for this kind of demand. We have as well achieved significant improvements on our SEMS monitoring system and we will be pleased to show our Mexican partners how they can integrate at home or in their business these GoodWe technologies, getting all the support from our Mexico-based Technical Engineer and the After-Sales and Solar Academy teams in China.


GoodWe understands the peculiarities of the Mexican market and our team will also take this opportunity to discuss with you how our company is adapting to meet all the market requirements and regulations. Many things have thus happened in one year and we are working very hard to develop new inverters for the solar future of Mexico. We are looking forward to catch up with you at the Green Expo, learning as well how your company is adapting to the continually evolving Mexican solar market.



A brief description of what we will be presenting:



The brand new XS model of GoodWe is an ultra-small residential solar inverter specifically designed to bring comfort and quiet operation as well as high efficiency to households. Its capacity ranges from 0.7kW to 3.0kW and its most outstanding characteristic is itslight weight of 5.8kg and its extremely small size equivalent to an A4 paper, which make it particularly easy to carry & install.


The LVMT Series (GW80K-MT) 4 MPPT 3 Phase Grid-tied Inverter brings all the benefits of our MT Series with the additional advantage of being operational on low voltage grid systems, making it ideal for Latin American settings. This inverter is suitable for medium and large scale commercial rooftops or ground-mounted solar PV systems where maximum versatility and profitability are important. With its compact design and power boost function, the LVMT can provide extremely high efficiency of 98.8%, thus offering a faster return on investment. For maximum productivity, it is equipped with four MPPTs. It also remains operational under extreme weather conditions, featuring as well smart string level monitoring.



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