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It’s official: GoodWe’s North America portfolio is compliant with UL



Early this week, GoodWe received the official certificate of compliance from the CSA group confirming that the series A-ES, A-MS and A-IS (residential on-grid & energy storage inverters specifically designed for the North American market) had met the technical specifications required and are compliant with UL certification mandatory the North American market (which extends to some Central American & Caribbean markets). The new North American portfolio of GoodWe products is expected to be available by Q3 of this year and this now gives GoodWe the green light to further expand its North America operations and replicate the success achieved in every other region of the planet.


This is also great news for the steady and consistent penetration of GoodWe across some of the most dynamic markets of Central America and the Caribbean, where GoodWe will now have residential and energy storage inverters adapted to the technical requirements of the region, such as the split-phase grids and the need for energy storage inverters to be functional when in backup function.


GoodWe already has a growing presence in North America, backed by its extensive list of global agreements with the industry’s leading distributors. Through its extensive network of strategic partners and allies, GoodWe prepares itself for yet another mission to rise to the top. GoodWe has received numerous awards from prestigious institutions in Europe, Asia, and Australia and has proven to be one of the most successful companies in the "global-local” strategy. This ability to quickly adapt and rise to the top in every continent quickly caught the attention of managing directors at General Electric, who were eager to sign Goodwe on an exclusive basis for global sales of solar inverters. With expanding operations in Brazil, Chile and Mexico, Goodwe has already been grabbing market share south of the American continent and is now likely to extend its success story further north; the formality of the UL certification now gives Goodwe full access to the North American market. The strategic cooperation with GE has aroused the interest of key distributors and is likely to give Goodwe a competitive edge over its rivals.


Goodwe VP Ron Shen commented "We are at a turning point in the industry. We have proven again and again that our product quality is second to none”. Asked about the secret to their success, Mr Shen added "our relentless research output and our ability to adapt to local requirements have been the cornerstone of our global success. We have an unparalleled local service support that enables us to be local globally and our customers can count on us to provide the right solution for the right projects”.


Goodwe’s certification currently covers products ranging from 5-10 kW in the residential PV and storage segments with more products expected to make the list in the second half of this year.

GoodWe is a leading, strategically-thinking enterprise which focuses on research and manufacturing of PV inverters and energy storage solutions.



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