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GoodWe introduces the most Powerful & Intelligent String Inverters – HT Series 100-136kW


GoodWe is pleased to introduce its new HT Series string inverter - 100kW to 136kW. As global leaders in Commercial & Industrial solutions and, on the back of our experience with the extremely successful SMT & MT series inverters deployed worldwide, GoodWe now presents the HT Series String Inverter. HT Series capacity range is 100kW, 120Kw and 136kW.

HT Series ∣ 100-136KW ∣ Three Phase ∣ Twelve MPPT


HT series offers 100kW-136kW models with 1100V DC input. The 100kW model will come with 10MPPTs and a DC input voltage of 1100V and other inverters of 1100Vdc for 120/136kW will come with 12 MPPTs. Low voltage grid operational capability of 400Vac is available on 100/120kW string inverter and high voltage 500/540Vac available on 136kW.


The new HT-Series seamlessly incorporates different sets of technical strengths intended to achieve higher savings in the installation, enhancing productivity and diversify the monitoring options available, taking safety to the maximum possible level in accordance with the most demanding national standards. This inverter also introduces innovations and technological flexibilities that make it highly compelling as a viable utility option. The result of all this extensive list of advantages is a well-conceived, harmonious, technologically advanced and asset owner-centered inverter that is also pleasant to see.

The HT-Series strengths can be broadly classified on the following categories:
1. Strong Performance - Minimal LCOE – Higher Yield:
The HT inverter is compatible with Bi-facial Modules and is perfectly suited for the increasing demand of bi-facial modules, ensuring a maximum utilization of available solar energy. It offers 12 MPPT for maximum yield of solar energy along with inter-operability with tracking systems which make it a truly great machine for the new era. HT series offers a high efficiency of 99% minimizing mismatch losses keeping and maximizing intelligent energy generation. 50% DC oversizing capabilities along with 15% AC overloading to fulfill the energy generation demands. Furthermore, the HT Series can help maximize generation across the entire PV system with its capability of low voltage start-up and full output in harsh environments of 50 degrees Celsius.
2. Lower System Cost:
The HT series also boasts integrated string level monitoring and built in SPD on AC & DC side which makes it a system cost friendly machine. An integrated Anti-PID function removes the need for a separate PID box, saving on additional costs. It features PLC communications and comes with Optical Fiber Ring Network for an uninterrupted strong performance along with Lifetime free inverter monitoring solution provided with the inverter to monitor energy generation and Return of Investment.

3. Safest Inverter of all time:
The HT series offers No Fuse No LCD design with Full Film capacitor design. The lifespan of Film Capacitor is more than 4 times longer than Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor in environments above 70℃. It comes with AC connector temperature detection ensuring better safety and high reliability. HT series inverters boast optional AC breakers and Anti-PID protections and incorporate humidity and temperature detection devices. To ensure high reliability, the HT Series features IP66 enclosures to enhance inverter performance keeping it protected from heavy dust ingress and high-pressure water jets from any direction. HT Inverters are built for harsh condition exposure, can be deployed in floating solar systems and can operate perfectly in extremely harsh environments such as deserts or storms.
4. Innovative and versatile monitoring options for lower maintenance costs:
In addition to features such as compatibility with aluminum cables that allow for lower installations costs, the versatile and comprehensive monitoring options of the HT-Series ultimately help operators to ensure low maintenance costs. The HT-Series is capable of conducting string and plant level health diagnosis, IV curve diagnosis and for further enhancement, the monitoring system has the potential to be significantly enhanced with addition of weather stations. Also, the series is compatible with third-party monitoring devices, enabling users to configure settings via Bluetooth, along with options to check detected faults on USB flash disks.
On the back of a strong deployment of the GoodWe MT-Series inverter across the world, GoodWe was identified last year by IHS as 4th largest supplier of three-phase string inverters on a global scale. GoodWe has 12 modern production lines in 2 plants in Suzhou & Guangde with a total capacity of 12GW implemented with 50% automation to increase the production efficiency and quality.
GoodWe has signed strategic cooperation agreements with many leading global distributor and aims to continuously improve its services, enhance the quality and tailor-make the features of the products to constantly exceed market expectations.


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