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Solar Inverters

GoodWe provides complete and integrated solutions to fulfill customer expectations for clean and affordable power. Our portfolio includes high-quality solar inverters, well-engineered low-voltage and high-voltage batteries, smart monitoring systems & accessories, as well as PV building materials for green and sustainable energy.


Residential Inverters

A wide range of single-phase and three-phase solar inverters are provided for residential applications to meet household needs for reliable and sustainable power generation. Being light-weight, highly efficient, and low-cost, GoodWe residential solar inverters are designed to be simple to install, operate, and maintain so as to ensure a quick return on investment (ROI).


Commercial Rooftop Inverters

GoodWe offers a huge variety of three-phase string inverters, which are ideal for commercial installations of any scale, utility-scale projects, as well as ground-mounted solar PV systems. These commercial rooftop inverters come with capacities ranging from 12 kW to 136 kW and guarantee efficiency of over 98%. 


Ground Utility Inverters

GoodWe’s ground utility inverters are presently referring to the HT series #1500V PV string inverters which are specially designed for utility-scale PV projects. With cutting-edge technology and an extensive list of features, the HT series offers more yield, increased reliability, lower O&M costs, increased safety, and string-level monitoring, making solar projects more reliable.


Energy Storage Products

GoodWe offers an impressive range of energy storage hybrid inverters with a wide variety of AC- or DC-coupled models designed for single-phase and three-phase applications from 3kW to 50kW, plus retrofit inverter solutions to add batteries to existing solar installations. GoodWe energy storage solutions help to maximize self-consumption and energy independence.


GoodWe’s AC EV charger is designed to enable cost-effective and low-carbon transportation for residential applications. By pairing a PV system with an HCA Series EV charger, electric vehicles (EVs) of any brand can be charged at home with abundant solar energy. The cost-free monitoring platform – SEMS, is seamlessly integrated for remote monitoring and control of charging status and process. 



GoodWe provides a wide range of low and high-voltage batteries to meet your energy storage needs, with superior performance, improved safety, and optimized user experience. In addition to enabling flexible and easy installations and O&M, GoodWe batteries are all built using the reliable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery cell technology to ensure high safety, great performance, and a long lifespan.

PV Building Material

Making every building generate electricity. GoodWe produces PV building materials that can be applied to a range of buildings and settings, including villas, homestays, hotels, small towns, communities, and public buildings. Putting safety first, GoodWe PV building materials are equipped with advanced safety functions as well as structural waterproofing, windproofing, and high impact resistance.

Residential Inverters

Commercial Rooftop Inverters

Ground Utility Inverters

Energy Storage Products

EV Charger

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Monitoring System & Accessories

PV Building Material


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